5 R’s of Cellular Healing

I use the Rule of the 5 R’s of Cellular Healing in order to “Solve the Neurotoxic Puzzle” as certified and directed by Dr. Daniel Pompa, DC (www.drpompa.com)  and Dr. Jack Tips, N.D., Ph.D. C.C.N., C.Hom. (www.jacktips.com), and Systemic Formulas.   My mentors and trainers in cellular healing and detoxification.

  1. Remove the Source (Systemic Formulas “New Model for Detoxification” Protocol coupled with Young Living Therapeutic Medical Grade Essential Oils). Address the cause of the presenting symptoms.  These being:  Pathogens (bacteria, virus, mold/fungus, parasites) ~~ Petrochemicals and Toxins (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides) ~~ Heavy Metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium….and many, many more).  Correct the DNA (if possible) from damage caused by these Neurotoxic Stressors.
  2. Regenerate the Cell Membrane (ViSTA 1 & 2 Cell Membrane Regeneration and Omegagize).

The Cell Membrane is the “BRAIN of the CELL”   NOT the DNA….as many were taught in school.

  1. Restore ATP Energy (HQ and/or eNRG Quantum ATP). The body cannot heal properly without enough power via the work horse of the cell called the Mitochondria.
  2. Reduce Inflammation and Free Radical Damage of the NO/ONOO Cycle (EPIC/EVENTA/ROX)
  3. Reestablish Methylation (MoRS). See “A Tale of Two Mice”  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/epigenetic-mice.html

Listen to the Nova study that was done on identical twin mice and how Methyl groups (CH3) or Methylation turns genes on and off.  Dr. Dana Dolinoy of Duke University explains the role that the epigenome, a sort of second genome, plays in regulating the expression of our genes. As Dolinoy notes, we can no longer say with certainty whether genetics or the environment have a greater impact on our health, because the two are inextricably linked through the epigenome.

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