Frankincense and Cancer

Frankincense and Cancer (and Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils) with Dr. H K Lin

Frankincense was once worth its weight in gold and was one of the gifts presented to the newborn Jesus Christ by the wise men.  It was also used in ancient cultures for healing including Chinese Medicine.  Thanks to the work of Dr. H K Lin and others, we are now starting to see why and how it is such a “cure-all” since ancient times.

Originally from Taiwan and educated in the US, Dr. H K Lin (PhD) is an independent medical researcher and professor in the University of Oklahoma, who has published more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles to date.

Being a scientist, Dr. Lin did not “believe in” Frankincense or essential oils in general used as medicine at first.  After years of research using traditionally prized essential oils like Frankincense, Myrrh (another gift from the wise men to Jesus), Balsam Fir and so on, he became very impressed with the therapeutic use of pure essential oils,  to the point that he has also become a frequent user of essential oils for himself and his family.

From his years of research, Dr. Lin found that certain species of Frankincense essential oil in high quality cause cancer cell death, and does not damage healthy cells.  And it’s relatively inexpensive compared to drugs, not to say it’s safer.


Not all Frankincense oils are created equal…

Over the years, Dr. Lin has used different suppliers for his studies.  Some oils he described as being a “waste of time and money”, including drug store ones and other more expensive brands.  At one point he almost aborted his studies because he wasn’t getting consistent results.  But further experimenting (using Boswellia Carteri and Boswellia Sacra) has convinced him that when it’s the right kind of PURE Frankincense oils, consistent and repeatable results in various forms of cancer (including pancreatic, colon, lymphoma, breast etc) are produced.  Dr Lin has also collaborated with other researchers in the world in his research, notably with Dr Mohammed Suhail in Oman (where Boswelli Sacra or “Sacred Frankincense”, the same species presented to Jesus Christ, originates).

Dr. Lin is INDEPENDENT and have no financial ties with his suppliers.

Dr. H K Lin
Dr. H K Lin & Debbie


More about Dr. Lin:
Dr. Lin earned his master’s degree in genetics and doctorate in immunology from Cornell University. Currently, he is an associate professor of urology and an adjunct associate professor of physiology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, as well as a member of the Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience and Stephenson Cancer Center at the University of Oklahoma.
Dr. Lin’s research interests involve identification and characterization of alternative medicine in health-related issues, including cancer, infections, wound healing, and regeneration; identification of biomarkers for early disease detection and management; and understanding hormone metabolism in the development of multiple cancers.
Dr. Lin is a member of the American Association for Cancer Research and American Urological Association. His cutting-edge experimental and clinical research has resulted in the publication of more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles in his career.
To read about Dr. Lin’s research: (Using Boswellia Sacra ”Sacred Frankincense” from Young Living)