Interactive Query System (IQS)

Electro Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV)

Electro acupuncture according to Voll, or EAV, is a unique form of acupuncture without needles.  Instead, it uses electromagnetic waves to measure energy levels at acupuncture points along the meridian lines of the body.  The Interactive Query System is just one of many different types of EAV machines that measure energy.

All matter is energy generated from the transfer of electrons within electron shells and the body requires a constant supply of energy to remain comparatively stable that is, in balance or in good health. This is the understanding of modern physics.  Energy can be temperature, pressure, force, etc, and it can be measured by various means.   One form of energy, however allows the measurement of the most subtle changes that are most imperceptible. This energy is electromagnetic.

Today, we are standing on the threshold of another important advance in medicine, made possible by a chance discovery of a German Scientist, Dr. Reinhold Voll.

Dr. Voll began his research in 1953 with two assumptions:

  1. That each organ of the body produces or consumes energy
  2. That health depends on an energy balance which can be influenced through the respective acupuncture points.

If these assumptions are true, he reasoned, it should be possible to measure this energy and restore the body’s energy balance with the aid of modern technology.

Together with an electronics engineer, Dr. Voll developed an apparatus to measure the slightest energetic reactions and the momentary electrical potential of an organ at the acupuncture points.

By measuring this electric potential, we can detect illness in its very early stages, well before it can be detected by conventional medical tests.  Another test can be ran by using a Contrast Phase Microscope to detect issues in blood.  Allopathic medical doctors send blood work to labs all the time and usually, unless specifically requested by the doctor…the lab will run the blood work using a regular light microscope.  Thus potentially missing critical anomalies.

Every illness needs time to develop. The body can cope with many stresses and adverse influences before cells or cell compounds are damaged. When this happens, we may feel a slight uneasiness or discomfort and we may not pay much attention to it. Only when a large number of cells are destroyed do we feel sick, with symptoms such as fever, aches, nausea etc.

Electro acupuncture measures subtle changes in the sub-atomic particles of atoms…

These early electrical changes are very subtle. That’s why Dr. Voll had to develop a machine that was very sensitive and very precise. The machine measures electrical changes so precisely that it can detect, for instance, small changes in the electric potential of the stomach after a particular food is ingested. This is long before the patient himself is aware of any changes happening in the body, and long before most of the clinical data can be obtained through the usual medical test.

Electro acupuncture can come up with the results much earlier.  Conventional medical investigation, such as x-rays, ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and the many other types of scans available today, all look at structures in the body.  Doctors look for swelling, hardening, tumors and other abnormalities.  Yet these are primarily structural changes. The energetic properties of a tissue or organ are not considered to be important.

Most practitioners of alternative medicine consider energy to be of primary importance. The understanding of energy medicine is that before we develop serious diseases, the first thing that goes wrong in the body is an electrical change.

Only when this electrical change continues for a considerable period of time does a structural change in the organ appear.  Only then can such changes to be detected by x-rays, MRI and other scans.

But it may be too late.  If abnormalities and diseases can be detected at the stage of energy changes, diagnosis can be made much earlier.  And the diseases are more easily reversible than when a lump has already appeared.

Most allopathic doctors are not familiar with the philosophy of energy medicine.

So they consider this view to be nonsense

Electro Acupuncture is like tuning a car…

One way to understand the difference between energetic and structural changes is to consider the performance of a car. If the engine is not properly tuned, the car will not run smoothly, especially under difficult conditions.  But if were to check the structure of the engine, you won’t find anything wrong not even if you have the best auto mechanic working with the most advanced testing equipment.

Overtime, wear and tear will set in and eventually, structural problems will appear.

This happens all the time with the human body.  Initially, we detect very fine disturbances in the function of an organ. The liver, stomach, intestines or other organs may not function smoothly 100 % of the time. Or, we may occasionally experience slight aches and pain.

But a supposedly “thorough” medical check-up reveals nothing is wrong.  So we ignore the signs.  Slowly, the condition worsens until we “suddenly” discover that we have cancer!

No.  Cancer and other serious diseases do not happen suddenly.  They develop over a long time.  And all the while, the body sends signals to tell us that something is wrong.

The trouble is, we either don’t know how to read these signals, or we ignore them.

EAV is just one of many ways to read the early warning sign of disease.

And to restore the energy balance before it is too late.

Everything is energy…Einstein knew this.

We are energy.

You and I and everyone else – and everything else – are masses of energy.

Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, although perhaps a bit profound for us to fully grasp, simply states that all matter is energy.

Understanding energy at the sub-atomic level…

It is not difficult to appreciate this fact.  At one level, we know that we are flesh and blood, skin and bones, hair and nails, etc.

But what are these made of?  Atoms and molecules.

What are atoms and molecules made of?

Pre-atomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons.

And what are these pre-atomic particles made of?

Modern science has discovered that they are not solid particles, but merely vibrations or waves of energy.

They are energy. ..