Therapeutic Medical Grade Essential Oils

Young Living 100% Therapeutic Medical Grade Essential Oils do 4 Major Things:


  1. Clean cell receptor sites of toxins so the cell can send and receive proper information via hormones and take in nutrients and eliminate waste.
  2. Cross the Blood Brain Barrier to affect the Amygdala (The Seat of Emotion).
  3. Increase energetic frequency which gives the body the power to heal.
  4. Reprogram the software of the cell with the correct energy and information directing the cell to work as God intended.

I want to explain a bit about the difference between herbs and homeopathic/essential oils and how they work with your body.  Herbs are used to run the hardware of a computer….the computer being your cells.  Homeopathic remedies and essential oils are the software that run the hardware.

What I mean by that is…homeopathic remedies and essential oils go into your body and actually “tell the cells energetically” to stop behaving this way and begin to behave in a different way….like the software in a computer system.  They do this by imparting a higher frequency or energy pattern to the cell.  The herbs come in behind that and actually nourish, feed and build up the cell to get it back into balance.  So, the homeopathic/essential oils tell the cell how to behave and the herbs come in to shore up and stabilize the cell by adding nutrients

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